• What was new in 2021

    A new design for www.techsoup.ro

    In March 2021, we launched the new www.techsoup.ro website, which we worked on for several months together with colleagues from TechSoup San Francisco and Warsaw. A new design and new functionalities for the platform that supports the TechSoup Romania Program.

    #DigitalTransformation in just 6 steps

    We launched a campaign to encourage the adoption of digital tools by non-profit organizations. We gathered resources, good practices and ideas tested by us in 6 #DigitalTransformation steps.

    Follow all the steps in the link of the photo.

    Online for the TechSoup NGOs

    AMA or Ask Me Anything are 45-minutes online meetings during which we answer any questions about the TechSoup Program and #TechnologyforNGOs. In 2021, we spent 285 minutes live with members of the TechSoup community. AMA45 continues in 2022.

    Predau Viitor / Teaching (the) Future with Python

    Every year we expand the number of our courses created for computer science teachers.

    After Scratch, Python will now reach thousands of teachers who will be able to use it in the classroom.

    725 teachers enrolled in the first edition of the course.

    Îndreptar Digital / Digital Handbook goes to University

    In 2021, students from the Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education at Lucian Blaga Sibiu University joined the teachers, pedagogical teachers and students from pedagogical high schools in the Digital Handbook community. Together with the Association of Young Educators from Sibiu, we are preparing a new generation of primary teachers for digital education.

    Community meetings for our teachers

    We have organized open support and guidance online sessions for all K12 teachers participating in our courses.

    In 2021, we had 14 community meetings. #JoicuVoi / #ThursdayWithYou will return in 2022.

    Award winners at the #Civil Society Gala

    1st place in the Education, Teaching and Research category, together with the other 3 partner organizations from the Școala pe Net / School on the Internet consortium: Communication Resource Center, Teach for Romania and Eloc Foundation (Seeding Knowledge Foundation).

    In 2020, through the School on the Internet Program, thousands of teachers in Romania received emergency aid and access to online teaching resources.

  • (re)Read our main stories of 2021

  • "I found inspiration at TechSoup Romania regarding the technology resources available to NGOs, I received prompt answers to my questions about technical solutions, software partners and of course, I was able to access technology that might not otherwise have been possible. [...] We could not continue our mission to keep wildlife intact, to restore deforested areas in the past and to ensure that future generations will enjoy the mountains with forests, wildlife, healthy rivers and fresh air. "

    Cristina Antonescu, Conservation Carpathia Foundation

  • Our 2021 in numbers


    primary school and pre-service teachers

    enrolled in our online #DigitalEducationIntensive course


    primary school pupils

    who practiced their digital skills under the coordination of their teachers



    in our online Teaching (the) Future courses, #DigitalEducationIntensive, #Scratch, #Python and #OnlineAccelerator


    secondary school pupils

    who practiced Scratch or Python in computer science classes


    Energy Technical Colleges teachers

    beneficiaries of an intensive digital education program for dual classes


    online courses

    part of the Teaching (the) Future and Digital Handbook programs, which reached over 7,388 K12 teachers and pre-service teachers


    technology events

    funded via Meet and Code and aligned with Europe Code Week  


    pupils and students

    from small and medium-sized communities who have acquired or practiced advanced digital skills in Meet and Code events


    Meet and Code organizers

    small organizations, from schools, public libraries or small communities that have organized technology events


    new NGOs

    who joined the TechSoup Romania and TechSoup Moldova Programs



    the market value of the software products accessed by the organizations from the TechSoup Romania and Moldova Programs


    support emails

    sent to the NGO members of the TechSoup community



    about technology resources for nonprofits or the Meet and Code initiative, together with partners such as Galantom and Stories of Good


    online workshops

    about our educational resources for Teach for Romania teachers, school inspectorates or together with other educational partners


    community meetings

    organized for those we serve: teachers, students, non-profit organizations, teachers from Energy Technical Colleges

  • "Meeting the Techsoup Association was a revelation for me. I discovered an inexhaustible resource of digital applications and platforms that helped me realize attractive learning activities for my pupils in any conditions: face to face or online. It stimulated my creativity and made me unable to imagine the teaching-learning-assessment process without technology. Techsoup changed my teaching style. [...] "

    Gabriela Iancic, primary school teacher and practice coordinator,
    „Preparandia-Dimitrie Țichindeal” National Collage, Arad

  • What we continued to do in 2021

    Quality professional development for K12 teachers

    We created 2 new courses and organized a total of 10 online courses built for teachers, pre-service teachers, Teach for Romania teachers. All on our own e-learning platforms.

    Alongside Energy Technical Colleges teachers

    Technical Colleges from Timișoara and Ialomița joined thier colleagues from Bucharest and Deva, and the community of teachers who teach dual classes has grown to 92.

    Digital Transformation for NGOs

    We have accelerated our work of promoting digital tools in the work of non-profit organizations, either through our own campaigns or through many workshops with partners.

    Meet and Code online

    Meet and Code continued to support online events and funded small educational organizations to adapt their offline events alligned with Europe Code Week.

  • (re)Discover our programs

  • "TechSoup came to the aid of the teachers when they were in great need. They offered me the digital pedagogy course when we were in the disorientation stage, I knew a few platforms, but I wasn't sure about myself. The course gave me confidence, it gave me the opportunity to overcome my barriers and look ahead. [...] "

    Fodor Emőke, primary school teacher

  • (re)Explore our videos

  • "[...] for us it was the first coding project, funded by Meet and Code, and without this help we would not have been able to carry out these wonderful activities with our children. [...] Besides the fact that the Ozobot and the Bee-Bot really helped us to study notions in mathematics, the children also learned to cooperate, to look for solutions, to play, without noticing that they were actually learning. The two robots are now in our class and we still play in breaks (we form teams), but we also learned to multiply with them. "

    Gabriela Krișan, teacher coordinator, Rotary Vișeu de Sus Club

  • "Begining with the first Accelerator from the Techsoup's Teaching (the) Future Program in which I participated, you are the main pillar in my professional development (and not only), through all the notions of psychology, neuroscience and pedagogy facilitated; then thanks to all the activities, specialized courses and interactive applications that I have followed and discovered through you, very applied and anchored in reality, which I take to class every hour and are much appreciated by the students [...] With Techsoup you always feel that you are listened to, valued , guided and supported - exactly what I want to be, in turn, for my students. "

    Cornelia Maier, Computer Science teacher, National Gas School College, Mediaș

  • It was all possible thanks to

    Extended team

    Bogdan Moga, designer


    Oana Sipoș, trainer

    Vasile Brașovanu, trainer


    Cosmin Sbarcea, photographer


    Andrei F., sysadmin

    Marius Ghițoiu & Nick Răileanu, CitizenNext


    Mona Dîrțu, writing techniques mentor


    Melania Medeleanu, diction and online presence support


    Google.org via Tides Foundation

    Romanian-American Foundation

    Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation

    ENEL România

    e-distributie Muntenia

    e-distributie Banat

    Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

    Partners and friends


    TechSoup Europe


    US Embassy in Bucharest


    ECDL România



    Asociația Envision România

    Stories of Good

    Asociația Tinerilor Pedagogi Sibiu

    Teach for Romania

    Institutul Cultural Timișoara

    Fundația Progress: Code Kids

    Romanian Tech Startups Association: EduHack 2021


    Universitatea Lucian Blaga Sibiu


    MicroDERLab Group, Facultatea de Inginerie Electrică, Universitatea Politehnica din București


  • "Techsoup is one of the strongest non-governmental organizations in Romania. The way the team members approached 2021 is impressive because their goals are very ambitious and yet they always manage to have an incredible impact on the evolution of young people and the ecosystems they support! It's a great joy to be partners and to support them! "

    Elisabeta Moraru, country manager, Google Romania

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